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Making a positive impact on hundreds of children"Welcome to The Learning Garden Preschool. My name is Miss Zora, and I have been an educator for nearly 25 years. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from UCLA but my most valuable education has come from the classroom. Over the years, I have had the privilege of making a positive impact on hundreds of children. I think one of my most rewarding moments as an educator was running into a former student and his parents while at my daughter’s college orientation. My husband of over 30 years and I have three wonderful successful daughters, the oldest of whom has recently made me a proud grandmother. I am reminded everyday of how important nurturing and loving our kids is, and I am honored to be able to call all my students and parents a part of my family."

Meet Our Staff

Pre-School Staff, Morning Staff, Infant Room Staff

As your child grows, it is important that they are put in the right hands to encourage their growth mentally, physically, and socially. When you choose The Learning Garden Preschool, you’re choosing a childcare facility that sets itself apart from other childcare centers. We take time to work with children to encourage them to learn, play, and learn through actively playing. While they explore their environments, our licensed childcare instructors engage them by using every instance available as a teachable moment.

Pre-School Staff, Morning Staff, Infant Room Staff Pre-School Staff, Morning Staff, Infant Room Staff

From infants to kindergartners, children are introduced to things that they don’t understand and have questions about what they see. We believe that every question deserves an answer and everything new deserves an explanation. This is a part of learning and by actively engaging children in conversation, their learning experience is enhanced greatly and their vocabulary is expanded. We encourage our parents to do the same and watch their child’s imagination grow as well as their mind.

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